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Updated: Mar 24

Three years ago I created a website to share my passions I’d found in this roller coaster of a journey we call life. In the last year or two, everything I knew got flipped upside down to open my eyes to what truly mattered; taking care of each other in all equality across the globe. The growth to a more peaceful and content world starts right where you are at this very moment. The truth is we’ve all got the potential to know our worth to live gloriously through thick n’ thin, and accept where we are in life because there’s no way to go back..

Mission Statement:

Just For the People is a brand, charity, and outlet to raise awareness and actively support our world together as a human race. This done by addressing social, environmental, health, and current news that should be revolutionized or praised. JFP wants to create a surplus of Good News, something we often feel like is rare when hearing the chaos outside our door and on our computers. We are going to share information from people all over the world about their expereinces they’ve sought as a human. Through music, interviews, art, relationships and words that show the joy and inevitable brokenheartedness of this world. The goal is to not only judge what can be reached by the eye, we have to keep asking questions and know the deeper truth to what’s meant to be.

I’m incredibly human, and you can count on me to be so. Just trying to make the world a better place while doing it. One of the hard truths I’ve found is that vunerbility and honesty is the best way to create a solid connection of understanding and unity. Here we are…

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